The Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour division specifies that payroll records need to be retained for three years, payroll tax records, such as unemployment taxes be kept for four years, and some statesrequire some records be kept for six years.The format in which these records need to be kept varies by agency. This article will provide a best practice list of payroll documents to keep with detail on how long to keep payroll records in order to meet the various, and sometimes conflicting, requirements. However, this is not legal or tax advice. Please confirm document retention requirements with HR, payroll, legal and/or tax professionals in your state. For example, payroll services Australia could be entirely different.



Hiring documents such as an offer letter, include DOL-required data about the employee, their residential address, their job title, and their pay rate. If you don’t already have one, you may wish to create and maintain an employee data sheet that also includes required information such as the employee’s gender.These are kept for three years.



I-9 documents include information about the employee’s eligibility to work in the US and includes DOL-required information such as the employee’s full name and social security number. These are kept for three years.



Time cards show hours worked, including unpaid lunch breaks and overtime hours. They can be paper or electronic. These are kept for three years.



Paystubs show information such as pay period, pay rate, and deductions and typically display hours worked each work week, the basis for which wages are paid, as well as regular hourly or salary pay rates, overtime, and deductions. These are kept for four years. Click here.



Employee handbooks often describe everything from pay dates and holidays to termination and severance.These are kept for three years.



Leave documentation that shows leave dates, and any leave amounts paid as required by FMLA.These are kept for three years.



Retirement income statements that show payment amounts and plan documents as required by ERISA, including 401k savings plan enrolment and statements that show employee contributions.These are kept for six years.



Termination documents show last date worked and any final payments such as unused paid time off or severance.These are kept for three years.



You need to keep a log of what documents were destroyed and when. It can be as simple as a spreadsheet that lists the kind of documents destroyed, how they were destroyed — shredded, incinerated — and when they were destroyed. It is also best to add a signature or initial and date, so that if you have questions about destroyed documents, you can contact the person who destroyed them.


These are the general payroll service rules, and there are always exceptions to the general rules. In this regard, you are advised to contact your local facilities for more specific information on this topic. Also note that there are services like payroll outsourcing. Check out this site:

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Payroll Outsourcing Myths Debunked

If you’re the owner of a small business or even a large company you probably have a payroll attendant keeping track of all your financial transactions. Payroll outsourcing is slowly growing amongst enterprises. However, many business owners have some misunderstandings about the whole process. If you’re skeptical of the payroll outsourcing process, then here are some of the common myths that people have misconceptions about.

No Control

The first myth is that people believe that outsourcing your payroll will cause you to have no control over the process. This is not true. The process is always going to be under your control, as you are the boss. You can still demand that your outsourcing provider provides you with all information and details about their process of how they go about tracking and managing payroll in your business. Just let your provider know ahead of time what type of access you want and which type of processes you want them to use their payroll services.

Data Insecurity

The second myth is that the data from your payroll is being stored outside of your organization’s systems and that it is unsafe and vulnerable to attacks. This is also not true. Many payroll providers invest in some different advanced systems that keep their client’s information safe behind encrypted security walls. Your data is all legally safe since there has to be a data protection act which ensures that any payroll service keeps your information completely protected. Learn more.

Unreliable Service

The third common myth is that payroll services are unreliable and have a lot of errors. While there is the occasional error, most payroll services have to provide accurate information or else they risk taking legal responsibility and will end up being charged with a crime. They will also be legally responsible for paying any fees that your company may acquire because of the inaccurate reports in payroll. Therefore, most payroll outsourcing companies try to provide the most accurate and reliable services.

No Access to Data

The fourth myth is that the payroll services won’t provide you with access to the data and the ability to run reports. Many providers will use online software to store all of their progress and data and make it available to you or your employees to check from time to time. Hence, you will be able to run reports and verify the data whenever you want as long as you notify your payroll outsourcing provider ahead of time.


As you can see, there are many misconceptions about the payroll services provided by individuals or companies. Many of these myths are not true and can be fixed by communicating with your payroll outsourcing provider. Just because you hear rumors about payroll services, you may be tempted not to use one. But, you should always go based on reviews and other company’s experiences, not on rumors. If you’re interested in trying an outsourcing payroll service, check out and they can provide you with more information.…

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Five Ways to Streamline Your Payroll Process

For companies with employers, Payroll service is a required activity that can slow your day and tie you down if you allow it.  If you are buying a way to make payroll less time-consuming, here are five ideas you can put to good use:


If you work with a lot, empower your new hires by permitting them to do their paperwork for you.  A good Payroll service system allows employees to “onboard” themselves, concluding the I-9, W-4, and direct deposit authorizations electronically, even before they arrive because of their first day. You will still need to ask for ID on their early morning, but at least you will not have to do their paperwork for the coffee lover.


Rather than hire several independent companies to take care of benefits, some Payroll service systems enable you to incorporate benefits alternatives right into their dashboard.  This way, you will not have to re-enter worker data in multiple systems, which frequently gets out of sync.  Deductions and payments may also be integrated to save lots of accounting time.


Require non-exempt employees to enter into their own time; whatever you must have to do is approve it.  The proper timesheet program can manage that, and a great timesheet request allows employees to get into time from multiple options, including timecard, cellular phone, and others.


Tie your worker’s payment seller to your accounting system, and you will be in a position to avoid that time-consuming twelve-monthly reconciliation statement required because of your worker’s compensation insurance provider.  You can also prevent the large annual payment because the insurance will be studied out each payroll routine.


It is not always possible, but if you can pay employees less frequently, you may be able to slice your payroll time in half.  Pay each week employees every fourteen days or pay bi-weekly employees monthly.  Reducing payroll frequency boosts cash flow as well.

Try one of these five ideas to streamline your Payroll service time and costs in your business.  Moreover, since always, let us know if we can help.

Weighing the expenses vs. the enormous benefits

Counting the price

So what is it possible to be prepared to pay a contractor for letting you go above day-to-day jobs and build an improved business? It depends on the type of work you are buying, the level of skill and location of your supplier, as well as your preferences.

Reaping the Benefits

Although there are risks, Payroll outsourcing ultimately offers companies great advantages. The procedure allows you to build a team of skilled experts without adding the trouble of full-time employees, and avoid getting bogged down with jobs that can be completed without your attention, Sparks says. It is an inexpensive, proven strategy for growing your business without allowing it to take over your daily life.

When you Payroll outsourcing, you can target your time and effort, attention and resources on your company’s primary competencies–and spend time preparing new goals and finding ways to attain them.…

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5 Reasons to Payroll outsourcing in 2017

Payroll is the sum of all financial records for salaries, wages, bonuses and deductions for the employees. Although this crucial job is easy, it will take an enormous amount of time to complete. That’s why payroll outsourcing is one of your best choices to handle this job efficiently. In this article, I will show you some of themissed opportunities if you don’t outsource your payroll job and inform you a little bit about the basic function of payroll outsourcing services.

In the end, there are several ways to get the best service offer if you want to payroll outsourcing your accounting payroll tasks. After reading this article, you will seriously reconsider to have your payroll managed effectively by doing outsourcing in case you have not done so.

Saves Time

First of all, if you never try to payroll outsourcing, your company is missed some opportunities which will make it run more profitable.By outsourcing your payroll tasks, your company can focus on activities which will generate revenues which in turn make your staff more productive. Outsourcing will also greatly increase your company’s savings in expenditure because usually the third party whom will be working on your payroll work with bulk orders.

Another thing you should know is payroll accounting only performs thebasicfunction, so it’s easy to assign the job to a third party without you giving them complicated orders.

Provides Technological Advancements and Greater Security

These are several basic payroll outsourcing services which you can give to a third party.

  • First, calculating paycheck and tax obligations for employees are often a simple job but require a huge amount of time to complete. With outsourcing, you can cut the time required to complete this job with few expenses.
  • Second, printing and delivering checks are also several tasks that you can finish without doing much thinking. This means anyone can do it as long as they have the time to do so.
  • Lastly, you can count on other people to provide you management reports. As long as they have some experiences regarding management issues, this should be an easy task.

Delivers Better Adherence to Regulations

Finally, there are some excellent services out there which can help you managing your payroll accounting issues. I want to introduce you to PEO (Professional Employer Organization), this is a source provided integrated services which offer outsourcing to themanagement of human resources, employee benefits, and payroll. More explained in this post:

Saves Money

They are cost-effective, very reliable, and can handle most of themanagement related tasks. By payroll outsourcing, your staff can have more time and resources to deal with more pressing matters which need more thought and consideration. In the end, the biggest advantage you can achieve by solving your payroll issues with outsourcing is your company will have more monetary savings which in turn increase your overall asset.

If you have a company which hasn’t use an outsourcing service yet, then I strongly suggest you do so especially if your company is growing rapidly at the moment. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss opportunities which can make your company grow even faster and more profitable. Hiring a 3rd party is important because the basic functions of payroll accounting are simple but often require lots of time. You also should contact the Payroll service provider first if you are interested in outsourcing. They currently operate in all fifty U.S. states.…

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Payroll Outsourcing – Let Someone Else Do It


Companies which adopt payroll outsourcing simply turn the administration of their entire payroll over to an outside party which may or may not be onshore. Many companies have turned to payroll outsourcing as a way to save both time and money in completing their payrolls. For more information, visit

Payroll processing is normally a labor intensive undertaking, which can tie up several high-paid employees on a non-core company operation. Those overseeing the payroll process must be highly detail oriented, with a thorough grasp of accounting and they must also take the time to stay informed on the ongoing changes in the company’s personnel, their tax status, and any pay raises or job classification changes.

Payroll outsourcing to countries like China, India, the Philippines, Russia, or Israel enables companies to use their higher paid in-house staff for jobs more important to the company business. They aren’t losing anything in the process, because the offshore payroll outsourcing contractors will develop payroll services uniquely planned to meet the needs of each different client. The offshore contractors have highly sophisticated payroll software, and most of them will provide top-notch timely service. If they wish to remain in business, they will also guarantee the security of their clients’ financial data. Payroll services are important to any company for smoother business flow. Payroll services Australia can do better than any other payroll services firms. They can do both online and land base payroll works for all of their clients.

What Payroll Outsourcing Contractors Do

Payroll outsourcing contractors will usually have a comprehensive payroll service which entirely eliminates their clients from having any further involvement in the administration of the company payrolls. The offshore contractors, prior to beginning a job, will do an thorough study of a company’s payroll system, examining everything form the number of workers to the federal, state, and municipal tax laws which affect each of them.

They will familiarize themselves with the company’s existing salary structure, and the health insurance, pension, payroll deductions, vacation, holidays, and sick leave policies. Once they are ready to assume the payroll administration, they will be responsible for everything from issuing the paychecks to maintaining the company’s payroll database and making sure the company workers can access their pay history and tax information at will.

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing


Proper administration of a payroll, with its record keeping, superannuation, benefit inclusions and tax deductions, and mind-numbing paperwork, can be a serious drain on the resources of any company. Most companies establish a department strictly for payroll administration, and keep it supplied with all the latest in payroll software. But all of that comes with a cost.

Payroll outsourcing will free the payroll staff to do other things with their accounting expertise, and also save the company money in lower wages. It’s been estimated, in fact, that any business with more than ten workers will benefit from payroll outsourcing.

You can also find more info on outsourcing payroll services and outsourcing projects. is a comprehensive and detailed resource to know about outsourcing.…

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Accounting and Payroll

payroll services

Payroll is used to show the amount of money that is paid to an employee for their work over a certain period of time. Payroll and payroll taxes are an important part of accounting because they play a major role in the net income of a company. Payroll also allows employees to view and respond to any payroll mistakes that may have been made.

It is down to the payroll department to make sure that employees are paid on time at accurately whilst making the right withholdings and deductions. An accurate payroll services company is what the business owners need to avoid future legal battle with the government.

Payroll can be managed in a number of ways using confidential payroll services. Computerized pays slips come in a range of forms and qualities, each type with its own merits. Handwritten pay slips can often be rejected as proof of income so a computerized slip is primarily the best method. They are able to produce accurate calculations that are easy to read and follow making it easier for the user to have. Cashflow is the movement of money in and out of a business. It allows you to determine your businesses financial competency. Cashflow analysis allows you to observe and study the cycle of a business in order to make sure that you maintain a sufficient cash flow within the company. To do this certain areas in the business need to be examined. These areas consist of accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, and credit terms. To identify any issues within cashflow, individual examinations should be done on each area. Read latest news at

The payroll process also includes the administration of PAYE (pay as you earn), national insurance, statuary sick pay, and statuary maternity pay. The process can take a while to prepare and can expose those who do not comply with the rules and regulations. Payroll should produce salaries on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

payroll services

The good thing about all of the above is that you can rely on somebody else to sort out the payroll for your business. This allows you to stop worrying about payroll and spend more time focusing on the production and development of your business. It is a good idea to seek a payroll expert because it is an employer’s duty to report to the Inland Revenue. Failure to do so can result in interest and penalties added to employment costs.

By contacting an expert like payroll services Australia, all of the hard work is done for you. You simply contact them for the information you need and they will deliver it you as soon as it has been processed. Your accounting needs will be sorted and you can focus on other things. There are so many companies that failed to do their payroll management because they think it is just fine to assign it to somebody who is not really expert in handling such kind of work and it ends at disappointment. Make use of your head before hiring payroll services Australia.…

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5 Reasons To Outsource Payroll

payroll calculator

Without doubt, payroll outsourcing business is one of the most profitable strategies these days. Small, medium and large businesses can outsource any aspect of their business. In fact, doing so helps the company in saving up on expenses. Payroll is one such segment, which most small businesses like to outsource these days. Here are five reasons for outsourcing payroll:

Outsourcing is Less Expensive

There are several online payroll processing service providers who will charge you few hundred dollars and provide you with flawless payroll services. Compare this cost with the time you or any of your employees has to spend calculating employee salaries and benefits. It not only proves to be expensive for your business but you also lose several hours of manpower. For most of small business companies, the advantages of outsourcing payroll outweigh the total cost.

Outsourcing Saves Company Resources

By outsourcing payroll, small businesses can utilize their saved hours to increase business productivity. You save both time and money. If you had hired someone to manage payroll services Australia, you can then appoint that person into other business departments. As we know, payroll does nothing productive for the company in terms of business or profits. So, by outsourcing, you small business owners are minimizing on their expenses and using the manpower resource for other business operations. get full details at

Outsourcing Gives Expert Service

People employed by the outsourcing agency to manage payroll for your company are experts in their field. They have the professional knowledge to single handedly manage your company payroll and give you flawless services. Not only managing employee data but these experts can give you professional assistance. For instance, if you want to expand your small business and open another branch in any other state, you can contact the payroll service provider and they will provide with complete knowledge about payroll taxes in new state, set up new payroll account for the new branch and help you in searching new employees.

Outsourcing Means Timely Payments

payroll calculator

When you outsource payroll with a reliable company, you can stop worrying about giving your employees payment on time. From generating checks to wire transferring salaries, your payroll service provider will take care of everything. In fact, some of the service providers also take care of payroll taxes. With your permission, they will fill out payroll taxes with the necessary government agency. At the end of the month, you receive a complete report on the payments sent and taxed filed for your record. visit their official website for more detailed information.

Outsourcing Agency Manages Employee Data

The payroll service providers make use of software to keep employee data up to date. They also keep track of changing payroll tax systems and keep you updated with the necessary information. As a member, you have access to their software management system where you can view complete employee data and customize payroll reports. Some providers may work with you in tandem to generate data files and upload them into the accounting system. At any time, you have access to the data and can make necessary changes when necessary.…

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